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6m3 Skip Bin

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6m3 Skip Bin $395.00

Weight inclusion for mixed waste and green waste bins 1,000kg. Excess tipping charges $36/100kg thereafter

Ideal bin size for medium- to larger-scale domestic, construction or commercial projects including office, factory household or warehouse clean-ups. Popular bin size for building and construction jobs.
Bins with doors available for easy loading with wheelbarrow or placing large or heavy items.

Standard Hire is 7 days

Skip Bin Dimensions (cm)
Length Width Height
360 150 120


Wheelbarrows Wheelie Bins Standard Trailer Loads
2m3 12 8 2
3m3 18 12 3
4m3 24 16 4
6m3 36 24 6
10m3 60 40 10


Masonry Concrete, bricks, pavers, roof tiles, rubble and rocks only
Clean Fill Naturally occurring rock and soil (including materials such as sandstone, shale, clay and soil) that has been excavated from the ground which contains at least 98 per cent (by weight) natural material.
Green Waste Organic waste including grass and tree clippings, branches, woodchips, bark and untreated light timber. Tree branches up to 300mm in diameter. No soil, no grass with roots and soil attached. Clean tree stumps without soil attached.
Excess weight charge $36 per 100kg or part thereof for all bins with weight limits
Additional fees apply for Mattresses, car tyres, gas bottles, artificial lawn, sports- or playground surfaces
Prohibited waste types Asbestos waste (unless in special asbestos waste bin), fibro (see below), liquids, chemicals, resin, oil heaters, silica dust, food & liquids, fire extinguishers, batteries of any kind, medical waste.
Fibro or fibro asbestos

(compressed or not)

In any form will not be accepted at any tip unless it is clearly stated on the product as ASBESTOS FREE or stamped with a product name, separated from remaining waste and put on top of other waste.