How to Stop Unauthorized Use of Skip Bin in Central Coast

Unauthorised dumping is a common problem in skip bins, and it’s important to prevent it to avoid additional expenses and to maintain control over your waste disposal. The team at L&D Brown Skip Bins has over 40 years of experience providing Central Coast residents with effective waste-storage solutions. In this article, we discuss the importance of strategic skip bin placement, effective signage, proper surveillance, community awareness and protective measures. Explore our website to assess the different skip bin options today.

Strategic Placement to Keep Your Skip Bin Secure

One of the main reasons people illegally dump waste into a skip is because of its location. Keeping your skip in a well-lit and highly visible area deters people from throwing their rubbish in with yours. Greater visibility means better surveillance, which deters illegal dumping. If you can, keep it inside of your property.

Signage to Prevent Unauthorised Skip Usage

When you receive your skip, use the correct signage to indicate that it’s for authorised use only. Include relevant contact information for reporting unauthorised dumping. A prominent warning sign is an extremely effective tool for preventing the illegal dumping of waste.

Surveillance to Deter Illegal Dumping

Installing surveillance cameras or implementing monitoring systems deters and identifies individuals unlawfully attempting to use the skip bin. Unauthorised dumping can result in extra charges for you if the skip exceeds the required weight limit, and fees apply to extra weight at $36 per 100kg. Surveillance can also keep your skip bin secure from banned substances or items incurring surcharges, such as:

  • Asbestos
  • Fibro
  • Liquid
  • Chemical waste
  • Resin
  • Oil or fuel
  • Soil or fill
  • Medical waste
  • Synthetic grass
  • Tree stumps with a diameter greater than 50cm
  • Gas cylinders
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Oil heaters
  • All types of batteries

Take Proactive Measures

There are a variety of handy tips for protecting your skip from illegal usage.

Schedule Carefully

Scheduling your skip carefully can help ensure you fill it up before anyone can add their rubbish. Allowing it to sit empty for many days encourages people to use it for themselves.

Park Your Skip in Your Driveway

You can also park the skip in your drive, because the closer the proximity to your house, the more it will deter potential illegal usage.

Extra Security Lighting

Motion-sensor lights are an excellent option for scaring away people who are trying to sneak rubbish into your bin.

Cover the Skip

Covering your bin with a tarp is an effective way of deterring people from using it. Physically preventing access ensures 100% control over your waste disposal. It will also help to keep the rain out to not add additional weight to your waste.

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